20 kld STP Design and Cost

20 kld STP Design and Cost by Richa Environmental Services Pvt Ltd www.richaservices.com

Cost of 20 KLD STP expandable upto 40 KLD for future expansion depends on various factors and range of cost is starting from INR 8 lakh upto INR 12.5 lakh inclusive of installation

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overall dimensions and Electrical load consumption for 20 KLD STP

Salient Features

  • Compact in nature

  • Less space requirement

  • Can be reused and transported to other location

STP Stands for Sewage Treatment Plant

Design of Sewage Treatment Plant 20 KLD STP is

  • Volume of Collection / Equalization tank : 10 m3

  • Volume of Oil and Grease chamber : 3 m3

  • Volume of Aeration Reactor in STP : 3 m3

  • Rate of filtration : 3 m3/hour recommended

Technology in 20 KLD STP can be anyone such as SAFF technology STP, MBBR technology STP, FAB based STP.

know how to calculate MBBR media volume

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