Environmental Management Plan

Environmental Management Plan EMP
Solid Waste Management And Oil Waste Management


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  • Environmental Management Plan

    EMP Environmental Management Plan
    We at Richa Environmental Services prepare Environment management plan for our clients which mitigates the possible adverse effect of a project on environment. Environmental Management Plan (EMP) is aimed at mitigating the possible adverse impact of a project and for ensuring to maintain the existing environmental quality. The EMP converses all aspects of planning, construction and operation of the project, which are relevant to environment. It is essential to implement the EMP right from the planning stage and then continuing it throughout the construction and operation stage. Therefore the main objective of the EMP is to identify the project specific activities that would have to be considered for investigation of the significant adverse impacts and the mitigation measures required. The impacts due to development works construction will be first minimized by adequate planning and taking construction activities as per PERT and CPM Chart. The specific measures that shall be put to practice to minimize the impact on the environment are:

    Air Environment

    Water Environment

    Land Environment

    Energy Management

    Environment Monitoring Programme

    Green Belt

  • Solid Waste Management and Oil Waste Management

    Under Solid Waste Management and Oil Waste Management Services, We provide collection , transports , processing recycling or disposal of waste materials.


    Richa Environmental Services Private Limited

    operates with all the environmental regulations with specific reference to:
    1. Municipal Solid Waste Management and Handling 2000
    2. Environmental Protection Act 1986
    3. Biomedical Waste Management and Handling Rules 1998
    4. Hazardous Waste Management and Handling Rules 1989, 2003, 2008ment and Oil Waste Management

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