Have you ever wanted the right formula to calculate the right Air Blower capacity for your Sewage Treatment Plant, Effluent Treatment Plant with precise accuracy and efficiency if answer is YES than Richa Environmental got you covered.

We are offering Air Blower Capacity Deign Excel Format.

  • Ready to download 
  • File is in .xlsx excel format
  • Can be reused any no of times 
  • With simple inputs you will get right Air Requirement for your Wastewater Treatment Plant


  • Calculate Air required in any kind Sewage Treatment Plant Effluent Treatment Plant 
  • No more guessing games 
  • No more thumb rules 
  • Precisely Calculate Air required in STP ETP Wastewater Treatment Plants just by entering Inlet BOD, Output BOD needed, Capacity of the plant
  • Design Sheet calculate Air based on mass of BOD utilizedDensity of Air, Percentage of Oxygen in air, Oxygen Transfer efficiency of Diffuser considering 1.5 Safety Factor 


MBBR Plant

MBBR media 

For Sewage Treatment plant Effluent Treatment Plant STP ETP


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Air Blower Capacity Calculations - Calculate Air Required in STP ETP Wastewater

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  • Enter the following inputs to get the right  Air Requirement for STP and ETP

    • Enter Capacity in KLD or M3/day
    • Enter Inlet BOD
    • Enter outlet BOD you want to achieve 
    • Enter upto any capacity of Flow and get results in seconds