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    Tube Settler Media Lamella Media

    Features of 

    Tube Settler Media Lamella Media

    • Enhances particle agglomeration and growth

    • Increases capacity of clarifier

    • Enhances suspended solids concentration

    • Installation is fast and easy

    Types of

    Tube Settler Media Lamella Media

    Hexagonal V Shape

    Applications of 

    Tube Settler Media Lamella Media

    • For effective settling in potable and industrial water treatment plants

    • Mineral processing industry

    • Clarification of raw river water in water treatment plants

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Pharmaceutical industry Beverage Industry Textile Industry Paper and Pulp Industry Waste Water treatment plant Cosmetic Industry Effluent Treatment Plant Municipalities Hospital Waste Water treatment plant Rubber Industry Oil Refinery Organic Chemicals Manufacturing Industry Pesticide Industry Activated Carbon Filer Pharmaceuticals Industry ACF PSF MGF Pulp and Paper Industry Refractory Industry MBBR Moving Bed Bioreactor Slaughter House, Meat Processing and Sea Food Industry Soda Ash Industry Starch Industry Sugar Industry Pressure Sand Filter Petro-chemicals Paint Industry Oil Drilling and Gas Extraction Industry Petroleum Industry Effluent Treatment Plant Sugar Industry Refineries Waste Water treatment plant Polymer industry Dairy Industry Effluent Treatment Plant Chemical industries Effluent Treatment Plant Automobile industry Effluent Treatment Plant Fiber Production Electroplating Industry Pharmaceutical industry Effluent Treatment Plant Beverage Industry Lamella Clarifier Textile Industry Food and Fruit Processing Industry Sewage Treatment Plant Food Industry Membrane Bioreactor Hotels MBBR Sewage Treatment Plant Constructions Compact Sewage treatment plant Soap Industry Dissolved Air Flotation DAF Battery Manufacturing Industry Coal Mines Coal Washeries Dissolved Air Flotation DAF Coke Ovens Diary Industry Dissolved Air Flotation DAF Edible Oil Industry Fermentation Industry (Distilleries, Maltries and Breweries) Fertilizer Industry Flour Mills lamella clarifier Glass Industry Dissolved Air Flotation DAF Natural Rubber Processing Industry Fiber Industry Leather Industry Thermal Power Plant DM Plant Jute Processing Industry Zero Discharge Effluent Treatment Plant Iron and Steel Plant Tannery Inorganic Chemical Industry Sequencing Batch Reactor Chemical Industries Hotel Industry Small Sewage Treatment Plant and compact containerized Hospital Wastes effluent treatment plant Synthetic 

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